Application Rules

  • Participation fee is 100€. It will cover 6 nights of accommodation, each of the meals during the event, and transportation within the event. Travel costs to Valencia will be covered by each participant. AS Valencia will not provide accommodation outside of the event dates, however, feel free to contact us, we will help you find a solution for any extra days.
  • Participants will need to send a scanned version of their ID card/Passport when participation is confirmed. This will be only used for the hotel, as they request this information for every client.
  • Number of participants is limited to 20 people.



22nd April 2018 00:00 – 23:59 (UTC +2)

Extraordinary round of application, during this period, the tutor of the event can apply. If he refuses to apply in this period, he will have to apply as a normal participant.

23rd April 2018 20:00 (UTC +2)

First round of applications starts, during this period, 2 participants per AS/PAS/AM/PAM in first-come first-served order.

6th May 2018 23:59 (UTC +2)

First round of application finishes, after this date, available places will be assigned to participants on the waiting list.

Participants on the participants list will be expected to confirm their application and must pay the fee. If the participants list is not complete, the second application period will start. Participants will be admitted in first-come, first-served.

13th May 2018 23:59 (UTC +2)

Second round of application finishes.



27th May 2018 23:59 (UTC +2)

Deadline for free cancellation. 25% of the fee (25€) will be paid if    the participant cancels after this date.

3rd June 2018 23:59 (UTC +2)

After this date, applicant must pay 50% of the fee (50€).

10th June 2018 23:59 (UTC +2)

After this date, applicant must pay 100% of the fee (100€).

Participants on the waiting list that are admitted due to a cancellation, will have one (1) week of free cancellation, from the moment the email of their acceptance is sent. After this week, the cancellation fee will be according to the periods listed above.

You can find the complete application and cancellation rules here: