In this page you will find the participants list. Payment rules will be sent via email to every participant once their position on the list is set.

Participants highlighted in green have completed the application as AS Valencia has received the participation fee for the event. If a participant has completed the payment and does not appear in the list, please feel free to contact the organization team.

The previous table shows the waiting list with the confirmed membership of all of the people on the list. The algorithm used to select the person on the list that would be eligible if there is an available spot is:
1-Check first person on the list

2-If there are 2 participants of the same AS as the first person, skip to the next person.

3-Check if there are 2 participant of that personĀ“s AS

4-If yes, skip to the next person, repeat step 3

5-If no, that person will be included in the participants list.


The organization team of International Rocket Workshop Valencia 2018 wants to ensure a multicultural experience to all its participants and wishes to grant an opportunity to all local groups of EUROAVIA to attend to this event.


Survival Guide

Here you will find the survival guide to RoWo 2018.

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