Valencia is the city you will fall in love with, it will charm and attract you, and you will not even notice. “Located on the Mediterranean coast and possessed of beautiful old neighbourhoods and modern architecture, it is emerging from the shadow of Madrid and Barcelona and fast becoming the go-to city in Spain.”-Monique Robin

Valencia is home to breath-taking architecture, the City of Arts and Sciences by Santiago Calatrava is one of the most iconic scenes in this city.

Valencia is also famous for its gastronomical influence. The most famous spanish dish, paella, is original of this region, where the mediterranean sea inspires the culinary delights of the city.

The city will fascinate you with its charming little spots that do not appear in guidebooks but that you will discover during your visit. The mansion houses and plazas of the Barrio del Carmen, the Plaza Redonda, the Santa Catalina Church – in whose square you will find the narrowest building in Europe – the frescos in the San Nicolás Church, the clock of the Santos Juanes Church, San Vicente’s baptismal font in the San Esteban parish church or the alligator over the door of the El Patriarca Church are just some examples of the hundreds of surprises that Valencia has in store for you.